Customized to your needs, dota2直播手机版 helps create back-office efficiencies while enabling commercial card acceptance.

Optimize your payment process

Created for business-to-business transactions, dota2直播手机版 offers electronic payment processing solutions.

What are B2B payments?

They drive business

At some level, every business requires another business to operate. Goods and services are bought, sold and supplied every day – from transportation to energy, raw materials to finance.

They can be complex

But while B2B transactions are common, they can also be complex, requiring great effort to process. Whether it’s accounts receivable or payable, how a business pays or gets paid can affect the bottom line.

We can help

It can be complicated, we know. That’s why we created our B2B Payments eBook , to help you better understand the buyer-supplier ecosystem and its implications to your business.


See how B2B payment solutions
can benefit you


Easily automate your transactions with dota2直播手机版 B2B Pay.



The value of electronic payments

Whether a buyer or supplier, dota2直播手机版 can enhance your business.
  • Working Capital

    Realize efficient cash flow and credit management.
  • Streamline Process

    Decrease remittance efforts for faster reconciliation and detailed analytics.
  • Reduce Risk

    Lower cheque fraud exposure, bad debt and other cheque-related risks.

Still using cheques?

In the consumer space, customers expect to pay using whichever method they prefer. The same is happening within B2B, with more buyers asking to pay by commercial card, and suppliers wakening to the big-picture value of accepting electronic payments.

The preferred way to pay

Both buyers and suppliers can benefit from using or accepting commercial credit cards.
  • For Buyers

    Commercial cards can help increase your payment window while lowering processing costs and offering perks such as points and rebates.
  • For Suppliers

    Commercial card acceptance can mean speedier payments, reduced risk and effortless collection.

Discover how commercial cards can help your business

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We know the industry like no one else

Created as a joint investment between RBC Royal Bank and BMO Bank of Montreal, dota2直播手机版 is one of North America’s leading payment providers.

Within B2B, we work as the bridge between buyer and supplier, creating customized solutions that help enable fast and secure payment processing.

dota2直播手机版 B2B Toolkit

Explore our B2B resource guide, including a glossary of terms, educational videos, articles and more.

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