Unattended Payment Solution


The best self-serve solutions for debit card and credit card payments.

UX Series Unattended Payment Solutions

Take your unattended payments to the next level with the UX series of devices that are perfect for high volume self-service environments. The UX series provides secure and reliable payment processing capability, accepting EMV Chip and PIN cards, NFC/contactless payments and mobile wallets functionality.

Bundled Solutions

UX 301

The UX 301 is the main processor in the UX series. This durable solution was designed to handle increased transaction volume and speed, while accepting all major card brand payments in high-traffic unattended environments.

UX 301

Maximum Durability

  • Tamper-resistant design helps prevent foreign objects from entering card slot
  • Anti-vandalism enclosure can withstand an impact up to 10 joules
  • Reduced housing length and shifted ports to simplify installation

Security at All Levels

  • Fast and secure EMV processing
  • Certified with the latest PCI PTS 5.X security

UX 100

Durable unattended PIN pad features clear LCD screen and ability to add targeted messages.

UX 100

Maximum Durability

  • The UX 100 offers high performance and durability
  • Durable, metal front plate and weatherproof enclosure protects against dust, liquids and other debris
  • Anti-vandalism enclosure can withstand an impact up to 10 joules

Next Generation Features

  • High contrast, 128 x 64 pixel, white backlit LCD display provides readability even at low temperatures or in direct sunlight
  • Embossed, color-marked symbols on the PIN pad

UX 401

Be ready for contactless and mobile payments.

UX 401

Maximum Durability and Security

  • Anti-vandalism enclosure can withstand an impact up to 10 joules
  • Weatherproof enclosure provides protection against dust, liquids and other debris

Optimizing the Customer Experience

  • Optical guidance by four LED’s
  • Low-maintenance, modern design is built to last in outdoor conditions

Contactless Only

UX 410

The sleek and modern UX 410 with Direct Connect, provides fast and secure NFC/Contactless payment processing.

UX 410 device

Secure and Versatile Payment Solution

  • Direct Connect supports end-to-end encryption, tokenization, local hashing and enhanced progress tokens
  • Anti-vandalism enclosure and weatherproof design
  • Mobile wallets or all major credit cards can be tapped for fast contactless payments

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